Memory Care Programs in Huntington Beach CA

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in 10 individuals over the age of 65 will develop Alzheimer’s or a form of dementia. This one number shows just how many senior citizens need memory care facilities to cater to their unique needs. Residents who move into a memory care community have needs beyond what’s offered by the usual assisted living community.

Thankfully, modern memory care communities have changed the way seniors with Alzheimer’s can enjoy their retirement years. Luxury memory care programs are greatly enhancing the lives of seniors with Alzheimer’s by providing a tailored and luxurious approach to care. Take a look at some of the ways these luxury programs differ from typical memory care services.

Daily programs are designed to maintain engagement
Engagement is the key to nurturing cognitive skills and memory, whether it is social engagement or otherwise. Therefore, residents who enter a luxury memory care community will have access to a variety of activities that can help maintain engagement with other members of the retirement community. For instance, residents may participate in activities that provide musical engagement or that encourage conversation with other residents. Through these activities, residents have things to look forward to and share. This helps residents to create new memories and develop a better overall sense of connection.

Physical activity is encouraged through specialized programs
Physical activity is ever-important for seniors, but it is especially vital for individuals with Alzheimer’s and memory issues. The most well-equipped memory care communities will offer an array of physical activities that sharpen mental stamina and brain function as well as support the body. For instance, at Oakmont of Huntington Beach, we offer activities like yoga classes and nature walks.

Dining options are suited to the resident
In typical memory care programs, residents are given basic menus created by the staff, but dining is a huge part of life and psychological well-being. In a luxury memory care community, residents are given restaurant-style dining options. For example, our residents at Oakmont of Huntington Beach are offered gourmet entree choices and can choose to eat in our restaurant-style dining area or in the privacy of their rooms.

Physical surroundings allow safe freedom
Just because residents have memory-related illnesses, it does not mean that they should be kept from exploring and enjoying their surroundings. In a luxury memory care community, residents are granted access to areas where they can safely navigate on their own in a familiar environment. For instance, you may see an open courtyard or flower garden that is overseen by staff and protected at the perimeter for safety.

From dining to activities, luxury memory care communities provide seniors with Alzheimer’s a comfortable environment that ensures their daily needs are met and their lives enhanced. Reach out to us at Oakmont of Huntington Beach to find out about our luxury memory care programs.