Couple At Assisted Living Community in Huntington Beach

An assisted living community is a type of retirement community where seniors can live and age in place. Here at Oakmont of Huntington Beach, our luxury senior community caters to the individual needs of our residents. Assisted living offers more hands-on care than a typical senior living community would. If you are interested in living in an environment where you have access to everything you need to improve your quality of life, continue reading. Discover what it is like to live in a luxury assisted living community.

Age in Place and Luxury
When you reside at Oakmont of Huntington Beach, you are in an environment that provides you with everything you need. This includes gourmet meals, luxurious accommodations, and healthcare management. We go a step above by offering concierge medicine that includes our Diabetes Wellness program. We provide our residents with everything they need to age in place with dignity and assistance where needed.

To age in place means to reside in the same home and community throughout the longevity of one’s life. Instead of having to move to a new senior living community for specialized care, such as memory care services, you can stay in one community. You are able to stay grounded, centered, and connected—and this is key to living a more stable and enjoyable life in retirement.

Our luxury assisted living community goes a step further by providing you with an extra level of comfort that includes chauffer services, concierge services, and more. This enables our residents to continue to live in the lifestyle that they have come to expect and desire.

Specialized Assisted Living Services
Here at Oakmont of Huntington Beach, our luxury assisted living community provides several services and programs for our residents. We offer a variety of wellness programs, fitness activities, social activities, and assistance getting to appointments to make sure that our residents are comfortable even when accomplishing uncomfortable tasks.

Our coordination services assist our residents with scheduling assistance that can help reduce the stress associated with making and keeping scheduled appointments. In addition, we provide our residents with appointment scheduling for everything from podiatrists to physical therapy sessions.

These personalized services are tailored to help our residents carry out their daily activities with the least amount of stress. This gives our community members the ability to truly enjoy and savor their senior years.

Choose Our Luxurious Assisted Living Community in Huntington Beach
Our residents thrive in our luxury assisted living community where they have access to all of the accommodations, programs, and services they need.

To learn more about our assisted living and memory care community, contact Oakmont of Huntington Beach at 657-205-2810.