Assisted Living Residents in Huntington Beach

If you have reached an age or a physical condition in life where you need a little help getting through the day, but you don’t necessarily need someone with you around the clock, an assisted living community in Huntington Beach could be the right choice for you. Assisted living communities focus on making it possible for people to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

In basic terms, at an assisted living community you will not have a caregiver with you all the time. Instead, you get someone when you need them and the rest of the day is yours. Even better, you get the same home-like environment that makes you comfortable, in a community that is specifically designed to foster well-being, social interaction, and healthy living. Take a look at a few important aspects to consider when choosing the best assisted living community in Huntington Beach.

1. Consider the Size of the Community

There are about 30,000 assisted living communities nationwide, according to data released by the National Center for Assisted Living. There are communities that only have a few rooms, and there are large communities where hundreds of people live. It’s up to you to decide what size community you would prefer. The size of the community can matter because:

– It will determine the staff-to-resident ratio
– Larger communities tend to have more amenities than smaller ones
– Specialized care units are mostly available within larger communities

Going larger or smaller is also a matter of personal preference. You may prefer a more conservative, intimate setting with just a few fellow residents over a larger place that caters to numerous people.

2. Consider the Location of the Community

Location is usually viewed as a matter of preference. For example, you may prefer a community close to home, so you are close to relatives. However, location can also affect what levels of care are offered at a community since state laws can have a direct impact on how a place operates. Some states have strict requirements about what care can be offered in an assisted living facility, while others have very few restrictions.

3. Consider the Services Offered within the Community

One of the key factors to consider is what is offered to the residents who live at the community. Because communities often offer different things, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with all amenities and services at each location you are considering before you make a final decision. Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the specs, you should never commit to a community without knowing the services. Some communities will have:

– Complete meal services
– Transportation available for appointments and errands
– Salon and barber services
– Housekeeping
– Medication management services
РAdditionally, a lot of communities provide services for residents that are intentionally in place to make life more enjoyable. For example, you may find communities that host things like social gatherings, pet or animal therapy, and an on-site spa.

4. Consider the Cost of Moving into the Community

Cost is a significant determining factor for most people who are looking for an assisted living facility. Assisted living isn’t always covered by state programs like Medicaid, and the costs covered by Medicare can be limited, since assisted living is not always deemed a medical necessity. Most residents who enter an assisted living community will pay for services through private funding or a mix of private funding and what benefits they have available for coverage through different insurance providers.

5. Consider the Culture & Environment of the Community

You can learn a lot by researching different assisted living communities online and making phone calls to request brochures or additional information. However, it’s hard to truly understand the community culture and environment without visiting in-person. Schedule a tour of any community that you are seriously considering to test the waters and determine if you like how the community feels. Take time to talk to some of the staff and residents, enjoy a meal in their dining room, and explore the various on-site amenities.

The more time you dedicate to considering your options for assisted living in Huntington Beach, the more likely it will be that you will be satisfied with your end decision. Reach out to us at Oakmont of Huntington Beach to learn more about the luxury retirement living that we offer.